Often referred to as a country at the crossroads of migration flows between west, central and north Africa, Niger is at the heart of complex and multifold forms of mobility as a country of origin, transit and destination.

This includes trafficking in human beings. Victims of trafficking include adult migrants seeking jobs who have been lured into exploitative networks, or children who have been sent to look for economic opportunities within and across borders with trusted adults who have de facto become their traffickers.

This publication seeks to paint a picture of the phenomenon of human trafficking in Niger, based on IOM’s experience working with the national authorities in their relentless fight against trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants and well as through direct assistance to victims of trafficking in the various transit centers and in the government-run shelter. Based on the data collected, we are able to present a profile of victims and an overview of the complex socio-economic and cultural roots of human trafficking, which can inform future interventions and contribute to strengthening counter-trafficking efforts in Niger.

An IOM perspective on human trafficking in Niger: Profiles, patterns, progress - The International Organization for Migration, June 2022 DOWNLOAD














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