Edited by Neil Howard and Sam Okyere.

This is the seventh volume of the series Beyond Trafficking and Slavery Short Course.

This volume, replete with contributions from world-renowned children’s rights academics and practitioners, argues that the dominant abolitionist discourse and its associated policy directives often impede the best interests and rights of the children they purport to ‘protect’ or ‘rescue’. This largely happens because the protections proposed are politically disengaged, fail to tackle the underlying causes of children’s insecurities, and often lack thorough understanding of the social, cultural, and economic circumstances surrounding young people’s work, mobility, and lives. The volume therefore advocates for an approach to securing child and youth welfare that is more nuanced, context specific, non-dogmatic, politically engaged, and takes young people’s own accounts seriously.

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NetClean Report 2017

The NetClean Report 2017 is a report about child sexual abuse crime – based on a survey completed by 435 police officers in 33 countries, with observations and analyses from 15 leading experts in this field. The 2017 report looks at whether there i...Read More

Data Collection in the Context of Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation in Germany

The report contains a first evaluation of the KOK data tool with over 700 cases of human trafficking and exploitation entered between January 2020 and the end of June 2021. Compared to the situation report on human trafficking published annually by ...Read More

New Study on Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation in Peru’s Logging and Gold Mining Sectors.
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A new study conducted by IOM and the Catholic University of Peru sheds new light on human trafficking for labour exploitation in illegal logging and gold mining in the Madre de Dios region of the country. Peru is a country of origin, transit and de...Read More

From Exploitation to Fair Employment. Report on the Organisation of Employment Services to Victims of Trafficking in Finland
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Hundreds of migrant victims of human trafficking or labour exploitation are identified in Finland each year. Human trafficking is a serious crime that violates human rights and personal liberty and integrity. The consequences of exploitation and its...Read More

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