Edited by Genevieve LeBaron and Neil Howard.

This is the second volume of the series Beyond Trafficking and Slavery Short Course.

There is a growing and sober awareness among international policymakers and within global civil society that human trafficking, slavery and forced labour are not anomalies perpetuated by a few ‘bad apple’ employers. Rather, such severe labour exploitation is an endemic feature of the contemporary global economy. This edited collection brings together some of the sharpest minds from the worlds of academia and activism to investigate and shed light on the root causes of this exploitation. Its essays analyse how business demand for forced labour manifests in certain industries, as well as how political and economic factors combine to generate a supply of workers vulnerable to abuse. Written in intelligent yet accessible prose, it represents a key resource for policy, activism and research.

Forced Labour in the Global Economy - openDemocracy, 2015 DOWNLOAD














The BankTrack Human Rights Benchmark 2019

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A comprehensive analysis of policies and frameworks governing foreign employment for Nepali women migrant workers and migrant domestic workers

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Beyond Compliance in the Hotel Sector: A Review of UK Modern Slavery Act Statements

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National Hotline 2019 Colorado State Report
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The data in this report represents signals and cases from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 and is accurate as of July 30, 2020. Cases of trafficking may be ongoing or new information may revealed to the National Hotline over time. Consequen...Read More