The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent on-going conflict has created one of the largest human displacement crises in modern history, with nearly one-third of Ukrainians forced from their homes. In March 2022, the UK government announced its intention to assist those fleeing Ukraine and established three new visa routes, including the Ukraine sponsorship scheme, also known as the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ (HfU) scheme. Nearly 300,000 Ukrainians have applied for visas to come to the UK across the three schemes, with nearly 150,000 of these granted via the HfU scheme. This research project aimed to understand hosts experiences of hosting and to gain an understanding of people’s motivations for volunteering to offer their homes as part of the HfU scheme. The questions we wanted to understand are: why do people host, what can make hosting better, and how can learning from this scheme be used to improve future hosting schemes? The insights and experiences shared by hosts have enabled the development of key conclusions and considerations for a range of stakeholders in relation to the better running of existing and future hosting schemes.
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Effectiveness of Public Procurement Measures in addressing Modern Slavery
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Partnering on Anti-Trafficking: The Key to Successful Corporate Collaboration
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When: January 26, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

To celebrate the launch of the updated Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations and Initiatives (, the webinar will showcase successful anti-trafficking partnerships between business and non-profit organizations or initiatives. This one-hour session will convene businesses, anti-trafficking organizations, experts,...

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Exploited in plain sight: An assessment of commercial sexual exploitation of children and child protection responses in the Western Balkans
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