We believe that everyone should read this handbook – and we have kept it small so that you can keep it in your work bag or desk drawer. This handbook was, however, specifically created for staff who work in the homelessness sector, particularly frontline workers, managers and volunteers. People who are engaged in support services for homeless people can be vital eyes and ears in detecting this crime. In addition, by identifying a survivor and engaging with First Responders, you are facilitating the person’s access to support, such as a recovery and reflection period of at least 45 days, safe accommodation and material assistance, legal advice, medical and psychological services, compensation and/or safe repatriation and return. Use this handbook to understand the types of exploitation that homeless people are exposed to. By knowing what to look for, and how to get support, frontline workers can save lives.

Modern Slavery Handbook - The Passage to Ending Homelessness, December 2020 DOWNLOAD














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