This paper describes money laundering techniques used by different criminal organizations operating in the U.S. sex market. Prior to this study, scholars have not investigated money laundering techniques used in the U.S. sex market in a comprehensive manner. This paper describes and categorizes methods used for money laundering. It discusses the similarities and differences in money laundering techniques in the U.S. sex markets. Current challenges to combating money laundering are reviewed and recommendations are made to strengthen the ongoing fight against money laundering in the U.S. sex markets.

Money Laundering in the Commercial Sex Market in the United States - Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence, 2019 DOWNLOAD














Unseen Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline Annual Assessment

This report provides an assessment of the UK-wide Modern Slavery Helpline’s operations in 2019 detailing the number, type and nature of calls, webforms and app submissions received between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019 and the number and dem...Read More

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ITUC Global Rights Index 2016: The World’s Worst Countries for Workers

The 2016 ITUC Global Rights Index shows workers’ rights were weakened in almost all regions of the world, including through severe crackdowns on the right to free speech and assembly. Part I of this publication provides a more detailed analysi...Read More

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National Hotline 2018 Wisconsin State Report
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The data in this report represents signals and cases from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 and is accurate as of July 25, 2019. Cases of trafficking may be ongoing or new information may revealed to the National Hotline over time. Consequen...Read More

Does Child Marriage Matter for Growth?

Global attention to ending child marriage and its socio-economic consequences is gaining momentum. Ending child marriage is not only critical from a development perspective but it also has important economic implications. This paper is the first...Read More

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