The main objective of the project is to shed light on the crimes of human trafficking and migrant smuggling through a new typologies project which was among the priorities of the MENAFATF in 2019, by studying the various aspects linked to the topic of laundering the proceeds generated from human trafficking and migrant smuggling, supporting the MENAFATF member countries in their efforts to combat and face these crimes effectively, with the hope that this report would contribute to the following: Help countries to better understand the methods and techniques used to launder the proceeds generated from the human trafficking and migrant smuggling crimes in the Middle East and North Africa region; increase the capacities of member countries in the Middle East and North Africa region to prevent, detect and reduce the risk of these crimes; improve the AML/CFT systems of the MENAFATF member countries.

Money Laundering Resulting from the Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Crimes - MENAFATF, 2021 DOWNLOAD














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