This report presents a summary of findings from two case studies conducted in Burma on the intersection of labor, environmental, and social risk in the cultivation of bananas and informal logging in northern Burma. These case studies were conducted as part of a larger exploratory research project undertaken by Verité in 2018-2019, with the aim of examining the linkages between environmental degradation and vulnerability to trafficking in persons (TIP) and other labor abuses. While linkages have been noted previously,2 a detailed research base on the nature and mechanisms of the connection is lacking, as well as the examination of the potential for collaboration or integration between the spheres of environment and labor. Verité’s exploratory research aims to contribute to this knowledge gap through a set of case studies in different geographic locations, sectors, and contexts to illustrate potential links between environmental degradation in the context of active deforestation and vulnerability to TIP and other labor abuses.

Trafficking in Persons Vulnerability and Environmental Degradation in Forestry and Adjacent Sectors– Burma Case Study - Verite, 2020 DOWNLOAD














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