The Accountability Hub ( aims to improve both government and corporate accountability for human trafficking, forced labour and slavery in national and global business supply chains.  The Hub does this by generating a broader discussion about how corporate accountability can be achieved and providing the basic legal information needed to impose accountability on both companies and governments.  The Hub also provides a platform for further research and advocacy on accountability issues, including by fostering connections and information sharing among key stakeholders from different parts of the world.

The main feature of the Hub is the publicly accessible Labour Exploitation Accountability Database, which provides a broad inventory of national laws and regulations addressing corporate accountability for severe labour exploitation in supply chains. 

The Database

The Labour Exploitation Accountability Database database is searchable by country, legal topic, and by keywords, and includes brief notes on the implementation of the collected legal mechanisms. Country summary pages also provide an overview of the national context and legal framework, and highlight key implementation issues.

The database provides a unique tool with a variety of potential uses to facilitate the work of civil society organisations, advocates, victim service providers, law and policy makers and legal practitioners, including:

  • As an awareness raising tool to promote transparency and accountability across supply chains;
  • As a tool for identifying models of best practice for law and policy makers and advocates;
  • As a legal tool for civil society organisations and victim service providers to hold corporations to account.

The Repository of resources

The Hub’s repository of resources on accountability for human trafficking for labour exploitation, forced labour, child labour and slavery, categorised by country and by topic, also provides the tools for further research and discussion.

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