This policy brief provides information and identifies a number of key recommendations to assist governments and other stakeholders in designing COVID-19 policy responses that can help to ensure the protection of migrant workers, as well as to inform responses for the protection of refugees and those displaced working in countries other than their own, differentiated by gender as appropriate and based upon relevant international labour standards,1 and ILO guidance and good practices. This document will be updated regularly as the situation evolves.

The brief is also available in Spanish, French, Indonesian, Russian, and Turkish (see below).

Protecting migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic - International Labour Organization, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Proteger a los trabajadores migrantes durante la pandemia del COVID-19 - OIT, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Protéger les travailleurs migrants pendant la pandémie de COVID-19 - L'OIT, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Pelindungan pekerja migran selama pandemi COVID-19 - International Labour Organization, 2020 DOWNLOAD
Как защитить трудовых мигрантов в условиях пандемии COVID-19 - MOT, 2020 DOWNLOAD
COVID-19 küresel salgınında göçmen işçileri korumak - International Labour Organization DOWNLOAD














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